GPO 1960 /70's 700 Series Telephones

Perfectly working Antique 1960-70s Red British GPO 746 Telephone. The 700 Series coloured telephones were used in the UK from the late 1960s and through the 1970s. the phone has a beautiful old ring & all the original marks / serial numbers on the base.
The General Post Office (GPO) of the United Kingdom carried also the sole responsibility for providing telecommunication services across the country.

All our antique telephones are fully stripped down, polished & rewired with hand platted cords in our workshop near Oxford , England. The phones have all original fittings inside and we try to keep all the original parts wherever possible. They come fitted with a standard British connection & all International customers ( USA, Europe, Asia Etc) will be provided with a RJ11 adapter, so the customer can use the phone on any fixed telephone line.
Please see the attached pictures for the connections.