Antique British General Post ( GPO ) Red Wall 1960/70s Series 741 Telephone

Sold to 

Alexander A of LISSHampshire UK with a custom made dial label HAWKLEY


 - This is a brief overview of some of the products we have sold and places where they have been sent.

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25 x Light Brass Mini Ball Kaleidoscopes on Brass Chains

25 x Light Brass Mini Ball Kaleidoscopes on Brass Chains

Sold to Edd H of Shoreditch , London , Uk. They will be presented with personalised engraving at a AUGRABIES FALLS KLIPSPRINGER CHALLENGE in SOUTH AFRICA



Brushed & Black Front 1920's Style Candlestick Telephone

Joan A of KAPOLEIHAWAII , USA  : Wonderful service and great communication. Shipping was very quick and the phone is absolutely beautiful.



Big Brass 4.5" Round Folding Sundial Compass in a wood box


Nice quality! It is even more beautiful than the picture suggests. And what a great service from Viraf! After this package got stuck at the Customs, he sent it to me again!

Piet de W  :WISSENKERKE Netherlands



Antique Original Black 1950's Belgium Bell Wall Telephone

Sold to Mr & Mrs Schmitt of Frankfurt , Germany at Covent Garden.

 Red British Siemens 1930's Antique Bakelite Wall Telephone

Sold to Neil H at Goodwood Revival 2021


Antique British 1960's Black 711 General Post Office ( GPO ) Wall Telephone

Sold to Charlene K and sent to Irvine , CA , USA


Antique 1950's Black Belgium Bell Telephone With a Handle

Sold to DIANE E & sent to HONG KONG.



RHS Hampton Court Flower Show July 2021 - 2022

 Stand at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July 2021. See you all there from the 4th - 10th July 2022 



Antique 1930's Siemens Brothers London Black British Bakelite Wall Telephone

 The exclusive ARTS CLUB HOTEL in Dover Street London. Ahura Collectables have supplied and maintain a number of these phones for the hotel. On each  floor just outside the lift on the lobby wall hangs one of these wonderful phones Siemens phones.

WINSTON SUGAR an independent production company of SKY STUDIOS    bought 2 of the above telephones for a series about a doctor's surgery in 1930's colonial Bengal, India.



Antique 1930's British GPO ( General Post Office ) King Pyramid #232 Series Bakelite Telephone

WINSTON SUGAR an independent production company of SKY STUDIOS    bought 2 of the above telephones for a series about a doctor's surgery in 1930's colonial Bengal, India.


Antique 1940's British GPO Call Exchange #300 Series Lime Green Coated Bakelite Telephone

Sold to Kristy D  & sent to Freshwater, New South Wales, Australia.


Antique Brass British Army Officer’s 1942 Prismatic Marching Compass in a Box or Cloth Army Pouch

GRAHAM M of KENT , UK . The compass and presentation box arrived in excellent condition. Very pleased with it. 

Sara S. of Pennsylvania, USA - Dan P. of San Ramon, CA, USA -

Charlotte C of Cardiff, UK - Shannon S. of Little Egg H, NJ, USA -

Darcy W of Fort Knox, KY, USA - Jeronimo G. of Mexico City -

Maryam AY. of Pittsburg, USA - Connah A. of Runcorn, UK -

Lashani M. of Raleigh, NC, USA - Kim J. of Chantilly, VA, USA -

L Biehle of Dixon, CA, USA - Molly B. of Onalaska, WI , USA -

Maddy T. of Kendal, UK - Barbara G. of Preston, UK -

Tricia F of Long Beach, CA, USA - Jordan D of Bruxelles, Belgium 

Antique 1960-70s  Red British GPO 746 Telephone

Matt O C. of Stockbridge UK      -       T Pauk of Mansfield, UK -

C Fox of Andover, UK                  -      J Avent of  Tuffley, UK -

J Crofts of  London, UK               -      J Kelly of  Hayes, UK -

G Dhaliwall of London, UK           -      Mark W of Burns Beach, Australia -

M Mc Michael of Gypsum, CO, USA    -       J Ginerich of Hutchinson, KS, USA


Antique 1942 Black British Army Officer's Prismatic Marching Compass in a wood box

Alex M of Bentley, WA, Australia    -      C Weaver of Hagley, UK -

A Valdez of Reno , NV, USA     -      K Easter of Ashburn, VA , USA -

Christina E of Enfield, NH, USA


1920's style Black & Brass Candlestick Telephone



O Gioan , Sumene, France - C Smith of Burton-Upon-Trent, UK -

Russel L of San Rafael , CA, USA - R Muncaster of San Francisco, CA USA

T Makary, Cherry Hill, NJ , UK - 


Large Brass Midi Sextant in a Wood Box

Hatem B A of Santa Monica, CA, USA    -    M Sandhu , Swindon , UK - 

Joeri D of Langdorp, Belgium    -      Deanne M of Elgin, Il, USA -

Emily H of Elanora, Australia    -       W Nelmes of Sterling, UK

SJE Priestley of Edinburgh, UK    -    M Pate of Fairfax, VA, USA -

S Swann of Bar Harbour, ME, USA   -     K Gatt of Reigate, UK -

Hilary N of Monterey, CA, USA    -     Nichole J of Elgin, IL, USA -

K Haynes of Glasgow, UK       -     H Scheetz of South Pasadena, FL, USA



Antique 1940s British Army 2nd WW Bakelite Compass in a Wood box or Army Cloth Pouch

Barbara G of Preston, UK     -       Sarah G of Denver, CO, USA -

S Cooke of Mansfield, UK     -       Cheyne F of Harkness, Vic, Australia -

Nicole P of Hastings, UK


Opera Glasses in a Wood Box

 L T Jones , Chanford, UK - M Logsdon, Jersey City. NJ, USAA

A Moffat , Saint Ouen, Jersey, UK - V Dunlop , Springfield, MO, USA

J Fergusson , Uxbridge , London , UK - E Dresti, Varese, Italy

K Bick, New York, NY, USA - J Armstrong, Grand Rapids, MI , USA 

J Berkett, Christchurch, New Zealand - D Robinson, Harrogate, UK

L Yen , Davis, CA, USA - 


Brass 5" Celestial Spherical Astrolabe or Armillary Sphere

 Dr. B Brege, Cazenovia, NY , USA



Medium 4" Folding Sundial Compass in a Wood Box 
 E Bartholomew , Plam Springs , CA, USA  -   
M Sandhu , Swindon , UK - 


2" Royal Navy Style Compass in a Wood Box
 Mr T Baker , Cheselbourne, Uk




Army Style Prismatic Compass in a Wood Box ( Brass , Bronze or Black )

 N Brady of Newtownabbey, UK    -     M Murray of Brooklyn, NY, USA



20" Brass & Wood 4 Draw Telescope

 K Chrysafi of Earling , London - A Bowman of Hopeman , UK



London Bridge Christmas Market Nov - Dec - Jan 2018-2019-2021-2022
 Our chalet at the London Bridge Christmas Market every year from November - Jan ( 2018- 2018-2021 ). The cabin is situated opposite the HMS Belfast opposite the Tower of London. The market is on for 40 days and we will be in the same position in 2022.